Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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A Battle Between Super Heros


There are always epic battles in everything —I took to the world of Marvel comics to compare one of the NBA battles. I likened the match up to Wolverine vs Hulk.  The players that match these two are Kevin Durant and Lebron James. If you can’t see why I chose these Marvel legends to match these two, here are some reasons why:


Kevin Durant has always been on teams with other stars but he is a lone wolf just like Wolverine. Wolverine was on the X Men but he was his own man. 


He was down for the team but Wolverine added a different element to the team and his mission was to destroy the enemy. Wolverine was not super huge in size but his agility and quickness helped him defeat his prey. 



There is a wolf-like instinct that KD possesses, much like Wolverine. Wolverine was very skillful with his claws and I compare them to the way that Kevin can shoot the ball from any where. His lengthy arms expand his reach much like Wolverine’s claws.


One thing people overlooked was how  Wolverine used his claw for defense as well but the killing power overshadowed that; sort of the same way everybody looks as Kevin as a scorer and not a defensive player.


Then you have Lebron James, basically a freak of nature just like the hulk. Lebron’s size is what helps him dominate on the court and his basketball IQ is very high much like Doctor Bruce Banner. One of Hulk’s favorite sayings is “Hulk SMASH” and this is the same force that Lebron uses when he charges to the basket full steam for a lay up or a dunk. 


Hulk was never on the defensive side at all, he was always just sent in to reek havoc; this is how I see Lebron. Lebron is also in a realm that he plays one way until provoked, like the Hulk —then he turns into a different player that just wants to destroy the competition. 


I got a chance to watch this epic battle on Christmas Day and on that day Wolverine’s claws was too sharp for the Green monster. The battle is far from over as we have the rest of the season left. I hope you enjoyed my comparison and hopefully Marvel reads this and somehow makes this into a promotion for the NBA & MARVEL.  



Story & Photography by Set Free aka The Black Peter Parker

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