Monday, February 19, 2018
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Juices For Life – Styles P at Mass Appeal


Juices for life is an endeavor that Styles P of The Lox has embarked on. It is his form of giving back to the community. An educational system on health and mindfulness, Juices for Life serves as a healthy alternative to the liquor stores and fast food establishments that are littered throughout the urban communities.


“Health is wealth,” but in our present day social construct, it seems the urban communities are miseducated and are missing vital information needed for a healthy lifestyle –in comes Juices for Life.


Not only can you order a drink that properly fuels the body and fights an array of impurities, the Juices for Life staff also provides an educational service teaching customers the benefits of clean eating.



Styles P took over Mass Appeal, turning it into a seminar, a classroom for learning about the advantageous perks of juicing.



In the room were some of the industry’s most hardcore rap artists like Shady Records’ WestsideGunn and Conway; proving you’re never too cool to care about your wellness.


Styles P believes a proper diet and exercise regimen impacts the human body physically, but also has mental healing properties.


Juices for Life is quickly becoming a delicious destination for people of all ages and may be coming to a hood near you!

Story by Alec Tavares

Photography by Set Free aka The Black Peter Parker

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